Sunday, January 22, 2012

True Love (in a can)

There are many things I love in this world, like my my children, husband, blah, blah, etc......But this super special thing, that really gets me every time is my Java Monster !
I love my JM in the morning and in the afternoon, I'd drink it in the evening or underneath the moon. Many energy drinks have come and gone but none like you. You give me an extra kick in the pants oh yes you do. I've had Starbucks, and Maxwell house, they just don't compare to your premixed goodness strait from the can. There is no pot to brew, no Splenda to mix, no barissta to tip, when I drink you for breakfast, I don't dirty a pan.! I love your get up and go, I just thought you should know, my floors are extra clean since I first brought you home.On days when you are gone I get an ache in my head, I slow down and face my day with pure dread. My Husband says I need help an intervention on sort. He feels threatened by our Love, but doesn't understand without you I am irritable and short.

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