Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Three Times The Stink

I live in a house with two stinky little boys and one stinky husband. I mean stinky in the ornery, rotten, cute way, not in the Oh my gosh did you take a shower this week kinda way (though that may apply sometimes also). When you live in a house with this much male influence there are certain things you should know.......

  • No one wants to talk about their feelings (or yours)
  • There will be injuries on an hour to hour basis
  • You will never get any junk food to yourself unless you eat in the car on the way home from the grocery store (you can try to hide it if you want but they will find it oh yes they will)
  • Bodily noises are not a source of embarrassment , but a source of amusement and even pride
  • It is extremely important to learn how to make a Hot Wheel ramp out of just about anything if you want to have any chance of hanging out with the cool crowd
  • But most importantly you should know, if you live with boys anything like mine, your heart will always be full.

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