Wednesday, April 25, 2012


If I like to stare at strangers
Long enough to figure something
Out about them
Does that make me intrusive ?

If country music makes me cry so
I turn it up and sing along
When I'm alone in my car
Would you say I am unstable ?

If people love me
But I don't understand why
Am I unworthy ?

I can't read your fortune
Or play the guitar
Would you like to be with someone more interesting ?

I can tell you I believe in God
From my corner bar stool
Where they are serving me my regular
Do you see me as a hypocrite ?

If I let you
Take care of me
Am I setting back the woman's movement ?

If I would rather read a book
Than have to wash my hair
And come to your party
Would you diagnose me with social anxiety disorder

If I want more
Does that make me motivated or ungrateful in your eyes ?

I don't know what they are talking about 75% of the time
When I watch CNN
Would you like to move on to someone more intelligent ?

Sometimes when I smile at people
I do it more to make them feel good
Then I do because I actually feel like smiling
Does this make me a fake ?

If I feel like I have a lot to say but I don't say it
Am I depriving you or saving you from my rambling ?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gaining Focus

So right now all the boxes and clutter of the new house is consuming my mind and sending me into some manic, o.c.d like craziness, that is not pretty whatsoever. I know that it is very important that I get things organized, so that we can have some resemblance of a normal routine life again, but these things will come and in the meantime I am losing focus on what is truly and long term important to me, so I have decided to make a bring me back to my center list............

  • First and foremost it is important to me that my kids always feel loved, listened to , and like a part of whatever is happening in our home.
  • It is also important to me that both my kids have individual time with me, where we are learning, playing, or just being together without distraction .
  • It is important to me that my husband and I talk about or lives, our plans, our kids and try to make common goals for each of these things.
  • It is important for me that our home be a place people know they can go and feel comfortable, loved, and welcome.
  • It is important to me that my kids learn to be grateful for what we have, and learn to always give thanks for it.
Just thinking about what is really important, in the grand scheme of things can make some of the things that have  been consuming my mind and actions seem pretty little in comparison. I know they are things that have to get done, but I also know that if I look at this list of what is really important everyday before I start my daily mania, everything has to be just right, right now tirade, my day will be planned very differently.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Drawer Turned Shelf

I made this shelf out of an old drawer, this was my first time attempting to upcycle furniture of any kind and also my first stab at acrylic paints. I loved how it turned out ! I had no expectations I kinda just sat down and started playing, I think I will do that more often. I did this a couple months ago, before we even knew we were moving, and turns out I just happen to pick toned down shades of the blue and orange for my living and dining room, I'm very excited about that now I can pick anywhere downstairs to display my little fun shelf. Hopefully I can take a better picture of this hanging on my new walls once all the moving craziness is over, to share with you.