Saturday, January 7, 2012

Goodbye to the to do's

 I have recently decided to completely do away with to do list, this was a very hard decision considering I thought to do lists were very important. The reason for this decision is that I realized to do lists do not make me get more stuff done, they only make me feel crappy about what I have not got done. So because I don't like feeling crappy, I've decided to start making what I got done lists instead. If I would have had a weekend to do list it would have looked something like this.......

  1. Fold clothes
  2. Clean Bathroom
  3. Reorganize Christmas decorations before storing them
  4. Clean out refrigerator
  5. Take boys for a hair cut 
You get the idea, and you also notice I only did one thing on that list, so I feel bad when I look at it.
But I don't feel so bad when on look at this.......
Done List

  1. Folded Clothes
  2. Swept Living & Dining Room
  3. Made Joey a Rewards Chart
  4. Played Yahtzee With My Mom & Husband
  5. Cleaned off the Mantel
  6. Went to the Eye Doc
  7. Helped My Mom Take Down Her Christmas Tree
  8. Helped the Boys Practice Somersaults (which was hilarious )
  9. Played Cars Allot
  10. Didn't Fight With My Husband

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