Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Haircuts and chainsaws

Sitting on the couch today trying to get rid of a massive headache, when suddenly I hear screaming in the bathroom. I sit up a little straighter because for some reason that's what we do when we are trying to listen closer, as if there is some connection to good posture and hearing.
I hear Joey yelling and sounding like he would be cussing if he was allowed. I know that Nate (my husband) is in there with him giving him a haircut , but from the sounds of those screams, he must be doing it with a chainsaw. I go to the bathroom and realize Joey had no shirt on and there was hair all over his skin. Now for most of us the feeling of billions of little hairs on our naked skin is annoying or even irritating, but for Jo-Jo , this is pain real pain ! Joey like many people with autism has sensory processing issues, it's almost like his wires are crossed, what would be painful to most of us does not phase him . He was once stung in the face by like 7 bee's and not a peep, no screaming, no crying, nothing, till we had to hold him down to give him some Benedryl , because touch not initiated by him also feels like pain to him.
 So once we realized that having his shirt off  while getting a haircut, was not a good idea, the damage was already done. Nate put him in the shower to get all the hair off, in the shower where by the way we have to use a wash rag also an excruciating thing for both us and him, him because not only are we touching him we are doing it with terry cloth and us because, it really sucks to have to hurt your child over and over again everyday, by doing things that have to be done like washing him, brushing his teeth and sometimes hugging him, and also because he becomes very defensive during these things and there is often punching, kicking, biting and ear piercing screams associated with these things.

Before they were even out of the shower I was already on the phone with his teacher telling her Joey would not be doing his homework tonight, that we would work on that tomorrow night. Tonight had pretty much lost any productivity for Joey, he retreated to his room and only came out for very short visits, and dinner cause there was mashed potatoes his favorite (coincidence probably not). But hey I can't really blame him I probably would not do my homework or feel much like hanging out, if I had just got my haircut with a chainsaw either.

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  1. Thanks for making me smile about something that's not really funny for you, or especially your son to deal with. Hard enough raising kids without trying to give hair cuts with chainsaws, if you know what I mean.