Thursday, January 5, 2012

Myth Buster

 I am a stay at home Mom so most people assume that I do crafts, and have play dates, while wearing a perfectly pressed polo shirt all day. Well most people would be wrong, I have tried to do some crafts a few times , but I am not very crafty and I have the attention span of a very small housefly.
I don't think I've ever set up a play date , my friends come over and they bring there kids, and while we hang out the kids are there, playing.......... is that a play-date, I've never been real sure on that, if it is then ok we've had lots. I definitely do not own any polo shirts or anything to press them with. I do choose to stay at home and be with my kids, which is a decision that makes me question my sanity multiple times a day. I spent the first little while of my stay at home Mom days, trying very hard to do what I thought stay at home Mom's did, and I was really bad at it and felt like a complete failure. Here are some of the myths and realities that have helped me feel at least a little more successful lately........

  • my house should always be clean
  • I spend all my time with my kids
  • I should make grocery lists and cook a well balanced meal everyday
  • I am lazy because I don't go to a job everyday
  • I should wear pearls and eat Bon Bons (ok I just made that one up)

The reality or my reality is that my house is never all the way clean (85% on a good day). When I used to spend my days obsessing over that I not only missed out on little moments with my kids, I gave them way to much time in which to get bored and drive me crazy. I had to figure out that just being in the same house with my kids all day, and spending time with my kids are not the same thing. So now if my two year old is following me around driving me crazy, I try to stop and play for a while. It's amazing what ten minutes of mega blocks can do for a two year olds mood. Also letting them help when I am cleaning, giving them a sponge and a bowel of water with dish soap or baby soap and letting them "scrub" the floor is much easier then trying to keep them out of the way all the time it also teaches them and is time you are spending together. So that takes care of myth one and two , the rest of my reality is coming soon.....are you at the edge of your seat, I know you just can't wait for my little morsels of wisdom.

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  1. Stay at hone Moms work hard!!!! Hope to see you at the Thursday linky party this week. xo