Friday, May 25, 2012

Not So Terrible Two's Part 2 _Taking it Back !

He's formulating his take over, look at him.
 So do you guys remember when I posted this post where I rambled on about how I didn't understand why people thought the two's were so terrible and how my two year old is perfect and blah blah blah, well I jinxed myself in a big way. Apparently when they hit 2 and 3/4 it kicks in, the fit throwing, the not listening, the I can do everything myself , but not really I'm just going to make a constant mess and break as many things as possible insanity goes into overdrive. If you value your sanity at all I suggest that three days before they turn 2 and 3/4 you find a military preschool and send them packing !!! There is not technique, no child safety lock, no Super Nanny strong enough to stop them from doing whatever it is they want to do. While they may still look cute and so very cherub and innocent like, they are secretly planing a take over , trust me, I am telling you this for your own good.
While I do still enjoy watching his little personality form, and love seeing him learning so much all the time, I just now realize why people look at you with such pity when you say you have a two year old. I just thought it would be good to warn other Mother's who may have read my original post and been horribly mislead.

Ps. Did I mention I have a teenager also.......Lord help me, I need a nap

Pss. *disclaimer-I really do love my children and do not think you should send your two year old away , I'm just trying to get the word out to prepare's coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lovin Is What I Got

So there is this really important guy, we usually call him Natedawg , he is my childhood friend, Bubba's "best homie" , Tinks Daddy, and my Husband.Today is his birthday I want to give him a million presents , but since I can't really afford that, I at least want him to know he is being thought of and that is why I am writing a list of Ten Things I Want My Hubby to Know on His Birthday (and every other day)........

  1. You are one of the most forgiving people I have ever meant, you never hold a grudge against me, even when I deserve it.
  2. I like that when we are just hanging out on the porch or laying in our bed talking, that I can laugh and be silly, or cry and either way you are right there with me.
  3. Nothing in this world makes me happier than when I see you laughing and playing with our boys
  4. I appreciate all the little things you do for us everyday, and wish I showed you that more.
  5. You love Bubba without question, you are his Daddy , and I know that because you show it in the way you care for him, the same as you do Tink and I.
  6. I love days when you make big dinner's and invite friends and family over to share them with us.
  7. I am proud of you for wanting to get an education and sticking with it no matter how hard it has been, because you want to take care of us.
  8. Our boys get to have a Daddy who is involved in their everyday life, and does not look at them as Mommy's job and that is an extraordinary thing to have. 
  9. I'm thankful that you never gave up on me even though their was 20 years in between our first kiss and our second.
  10. You are Loved !!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ten Great Things About Being Mommy

1.) I get to witness all the firsts , first time they lose a tooth, first time they tie their own shoes or dress themselves etc.
2.) I get to buy Sponge Bob Gogurt and pretend it's for them.
3.) I get to kiss three amazing guys goodnight every night (without getting a bad reputation ).
4.) I get to be the one they tell when something good happens.
5.) I get to hold them when they are sad, sleepy or hurt and I get to feel them relax and feel safe when I do.
6.) I get to say "Because I'm the Mom and I said so" .
7.) I get to to be the one who will drive them to their first homecoming dance.
8.) I get to hear all the funny stuff they say and the one who calls Nana so she can laugh to.
9.) I get to read Green Eggs and Ham 3 times a night .
10.) I get to be Joey and Isaiah's Mommy and that in itself is the best thing I will ever get to do, experience, feel, accomplish or be in my life.