Friday, March 2, 2012

When my Blog Grows Up

 When my blog "grows up" I want it to be a place women go when they need the comfort or humor , you can only get from another woman, Mom, wife.
  I just started reading blogs about a year and a half ago, and by total accident, I just googled homemade presents and found about a million different blogs, that I could not stop reading. The one that really sticks out in my head though is called I'm a lazy Mom and it was not a crafty tip like site, I just sort of stumbled upon it. During that time in my life, things were very out of sorts, I was still going through allot of  postpartum depression from having my Tink, and just in general not feeling like myself, or a good Mom. I didn't have allot of women in my life at the time who could really sympathize with this situation, and was feeling very lonely.
  With the risk of sounding corny or stalkerish , Lazy Mom whom I had never meant or even had a conversation with helped me feel less lonely, and helped me to get my confidence as a Mom back. The stories on her blogs were just very real, and hilarious. I had been looking at all these blogs with these seemingly supermom, super organized, and crafty women and was feeling even less inadequate than I was already feeling, so when I came across Lazy Mom who actually admitted to having laundry that piles up and a life that is not strait out of Better Homes and Gardens it was a definite blessing disguised as a blog. I have since found other like minded Mamma's but Lazy Mom will always be the comfort food of my blogging world.
 I hope when my blog "grows up" that it will be a place a Mom can go to take a deep breath, and go away feeling like a more confident Mom , who want's to enjoy her kids more, and worry about her mounting laundry less. When women read my Blog, I want them to feel like they just sat down at my kitchen table, right in the middle of  all of my chaos, and had that cup of coffee with a friend that they have been needing.

PS. Lazy Mom is not really lazy to find out more check her out at

the space betweenHave you thought about what goals you have for your blog ?


  1. I have a blog review hop going on at my blog, if you'd like to join! You go and review 2 blogs anonymously and then 2 bloggers anonymously review your blog. It will give you some ideas as far as your blog layout and functionality, etc. Come on over!

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing your story here and linking it up at our party! It's so nice to have a blog that you admire and aspire to ... and I love the idea of having a (virtual) chat over a cup of coffee.



  3. Thanks for the encouragement Linda, I'm a very new blogger and I Love when people actually read my post and comment on them (not just ask for a follow). I just saw your blog for the first time and love your Friday finds, I'm a Pinterest junkie to ! I saw your finds for kids rooms idea's, I love the spice racks as bookshelves, I pinned a similar idea a while ago where the spice rack book shelves where hung down each side of the dresser.

  4. Stopping over to say hello, but you had me at the blog name.... Tink and Bubba, who wouldn't stop to check that out!


  5. I'll have coffee with you anytime! What a great entry into the world of blogging! It's so nice to find someone who inspires you and makes you feel like you've got a friend out there!

    So glad you linked to our party. New Linky follower.

    1. I'm so glad i came for the party , I'm so new to blogging and this party has given me a chance to talk with other bloggers , which is awesome. I'm sure my husband is going to be secretly celebrating, that I might just have some other people to talk to about my blogging world than him (he just doesn't get it,but he tries, bless his heart, he really tries).

  6. I love this post! Thanks for linking up to our party and for sharing your heart! I'm up for a cup of coffee anytime.....your blog is a reflection of you and all you love. There is such inspiration in that.


  7. this was so fun to read! and i am currently laying in bed staring at a laundry basket full of clothes needing to be folded.... they have been there since friday.

  8. I hear you about the laundry! Mine is always piled up and I'm not even a busy momma yet! So glad you linked up! And thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  9. I use my children for an excuse, really I just hate laundry, the basement is all basement like, and I'm always afraid I'm going to run into the neighbors down there (it's an apartment) and they don't speak English so it's all awkward cause we try to be nice but we don't know what we are saying . I guess I shouldn't admit that I use my children huh ?