Friday, March 2, 2012

An Insiders view

My brain is a very cluttered place to be (no I'm not bragging about how smart I am), it is a constant clutter, swirlie mix up of things I want to do, and things I need to do, and trying to find ways to merge the two. So here is a condensed down blogger friendly view of what is going through my head all the time..........

  • Oh I need to get some table time work ready for Bubba, oh yea and some picture schedules, and call his   insurance people and ask about that one thing, oh and I really need to do some research on how to dispute his current I.E.P. .
  • I want to play with all that new crafty stuff I got for me and Isaiah to play with last night
  • I want to write on my blog, read other peoples blogs, and maybe stop by Pinterest and find a whole bunch of other things I want to do
  • Ugghhh go in there and wash those dishes
  • Spend some time with my husband (time that we actually talk and hang out, not the usual, he is studying and watching T.V. and I am doing something on the computer or for one of the boys
  • Wait I just remembered I wanted to call my Mom and tell her about that cute thing Isaiah did earlier, and about how good Joey did at school today.
  • I really want to call Melissa (my BFF) and make a date
  • Wait I have to feed those boys again (3 times a day really boys, now your just being spoiled) 
  • Bubba needs a shower, Isaiah needs a bath and his fingernails cut
  • I told Joey I would help him clean his room, I should rearrange his furniture while I'm in there
  • Man I've had to pee for an hour, speaking of pee, I should be encouraging Isaiah to sit on his potty more
  • I should work on some of my blogging stuff while they nap, or get some housework done while they are napping or hang out with my Hubby without them for a while 
  • Is the electric bill due today ? I will look it up....oh there is a new article from the Autism Society , and 500 links to other things I wanted to read about, I should check my FB while I'm on here
Does your brain look anything like this ? If it does you either have some serious ADD issues or you are a Mom, who also happens to be a wife, who also happens to have friends, and were not hatched from an egg so (if you are as fortunate as I am, and I hope you are) you have a Mom , Dad, Siblings and lots of other family you care about and are in your everyday thoughts. How do you balance this all out ? How do you keep your brain from exploding (in which case you would have to think about how you would clean up the brain mess from your walls and floor)? I need to figure this out, which is overwhelming a bit cause that will add to the swirl in my cranium at least till I perfect the art of growing 6 more brains 20 more hands, and 15 more hours in my day........Oh wait I need to put a load of laundry in, before Joey gets off the bus.............

PS. I'm very sorry if you were mislead into thinking this post would end with some awesome idea on how to achieve balance in your life. I wanted it to I really did, but yea I got nothin, I'll throw it in the swirl and let you know if anything comes up.


  1. My brain works this way, and I'd love to stay and tell you more about my brain, but you reminded me I have to pee.


  2. Are you sure we aren't related :) LOL! That is me exactly. My friends always tell me I am following the bright shiny light! Thanks for the laugh today :)


  3. This is EXACTLY how my brain works! Why is it such a comfort to know someone else has the spinning brain thing? Thanks for writing this Leah!

  4. Thanks girls it's nice to know, that I'm not crazy, or that at least if I am, there is other like minded crazies out there who "get it". Stop by anytime to share in the swirl.