Monday, March 5, 2012

Baking Sheet Magnet Boards

I have been seeing these baking sheets used as magnet boards, in various forms all over Pinterest. They are so simple and what kid doesn't like magnets. I chose to make color ones because that is what Tink is working on right now (so far everything is yellow according to him). I applied the little banner with velcro so I can change it to other colors and shapes easily. I think I'm going to make a "What doesn't belong" and "Pattern Making" for Bubba. I got the baking sheet at Dollar Tree and had the rest of the stuff at home. I forgot to buy magnets , so I just cut up an old one we had on the fridge and hot glued it to the items that didn't already have magnets. These are great cause you can do them sitting on the couch, in the car, or hang them on the wall. I am working on a big Pinterest inspired project that will be sharing with you on my Monday Pinterest inspired project March 19th post, I can't wait !!!!

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