Friday, February 17, 2012

Shaving Cream Fun

Tink was not feeling well today, not sick enough to just lay around , but sick enough to be extra cranky and needy. So we had to find calm but fun stuff to do to keep him happy. Playing with shaving cream is a favorite around here, and we haven't done it in awhile so it seemed like a good choice. Usually when I do shaving cream with Bubba we practice writing letters and sight words by drawing them in the shaving cream, but today I decided to make it a little more toddler friendly for Tink.So here is what we did.......

First we got out baking sheets and covered them in shaving cream , then we burried his little "people" in the shaving cream. As fished each one from the shaving cream he threw them in a big mixing bowl full of water, to "give them a bath". He loved this, we also hid pennies in there . This kept him cranky free for about an hour and was easy to clean up, in fact all the shaving cream and water probably cleaned my table and hard wood floors some to (multi-purpose play). Next time we play shaving cream, I'm going to use Hot Wheels and set up a little car wash.

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