Thursday, February 9, 2012

Can I have this Dance ?

 Do you dance with your kids, your husband , your best friend ? Do you dance in your kitchen, or while getting your kids ready for school ? If you answered no to any or all of these..........stop reading this now and go dance (don't forget to come back when the dancing is over, I'll wait ).

Dancing with people that I love have been huge shining bright spot in some of the darkest times in my life. One of my favorite things is when I turn on a song that I love  and my kids come running from where ever they are, just because they hear that song and they know, if that song is playing Mommy is dancing, and they wanna be part of it . They don't come running to watch my amazing dance skills cause believe me when I say that neither rhythm nor coordination is necessarily my strong-point. They come running because of whatever that feeling is that fills the room when there is music and dancing  (love and closeness).
 I love to watch the kids dance, because when they dance they look like kids should, careless, free, silly. Isaiah dances completely with his arms, his feet and hips haven't caught on yet, but man when he gets those arms flapping does his face light up, pure excitement , he looks at me like look Mommy I love this to. Joey when he dances, he gets strait out funky, and he lets me hold his hands without that hesitation, protective , sensory thing that usually come with holding Joey's hand.
 I've danced with my Mom to "Run Baby Run" in the living room of the house I grew up in. I've danced with my Dad on a back deck to "Wildflowers". I once danced with my husband years before he would become my husband or even boyfriend on an ordinary day (that we both remember 13 years later) in Miss Bim's kitchen, to "it's your love". I have danced with my cousin in the living room of a crappy apartment to "Video". My best friend in just about every room of every one of the houses we have lived in since we have known each other to "Umbrella". I have danced with Miss Bim and Paul in there kitchen to "The River" and "Mona Lisa lost her Smile". The list goes on, but the point is, these are some of my best memories, some of the most peaceful moments I can think of. They were not planned , they did not cost money, we did not have fancy clothes on, we were just there in a moment with each other.
 I know when my kids get older they will have memories of dancing with me and people we love, I can see the happiness burning itself into there memory data's. My prayer for them is that they find  many more people throughout there whole life to dance with.


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  2. yes...dancing makes the heart somehow lighter! my boys got just dance for a christmas funny to watch my athletic, self assured, confident boys not have any idea what they are doing!!
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  3. I love to dance with my husband. I can't wait to dance with my daughter.

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