Monday, February 6, 2012

Boys......My Boys

Their feet stink, they never stop talking. They act like monkey's with their hands under their armpits. They eat more than should be humanly possible. I think they might have bacteria growing under
their fingernails. All day it is "Mommy come here" from the big one, and "ma mom ma" from the little one. I'm out numbered and they know it. You would never know by looking at them that they are secretly planing to take me down. I bribe them all day with promises of cookies and Cheetos , I have to they have taken over I have no control. My days are spent listening to annoying cartoon voices coming from the t.v. and toys that are running out of batteries no matter how many times I replace them. Right now they are sleeping and I have some peace, but surely they will make me pay for it at the crack of dawn , which is when that are at their most active. I could go out and spend some me time but that would only lead to guilt, little one screaming "Ma mom ma" and looking like his heart has been broken beyond repair as I walk out the door. But who am I kidding with all this, I love it, every stinky chaotic moment is better than the next. I can not get enough of how their faces look with those ornery gaped toothed grins. I love how they look when they first wake up, and how they sound when they are laughing together. I love being the one they want to show and tell everything to. I love being invited into the big ones room to play Mr. Mittens. I love how the little one get's so excited to see me that he physically cannot stay still when I walk into a room, even if I have only been gone for a second. I would not trade this job even if the pay is lousy for all the money in the world.

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